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Founded in April 2007, BTEC provides premium SAP Technical Consulting. 9 years on, we have formidably grown our business model, both in terms of services and in-house resources. With us, you have access to best of breed Basis and Authorization skills.


Our current customer base stretches country-wide. Additionally, we also offer training and consulting services internationally. India, Saudi Arabia and Zimbabwe are some of the places which we’ve taken our business to. We are proud to support a large, growing and diverse range of customers.

Designed by SAP. Built & Supported by BTEC
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What sets us apart:

  • Our "Big Picture" mindset enables us to wholly understand, and manage your Technical ERP model.
  • All BTEC team members are SAP certified.
  • We apply the PMBOK methodology in all that we do.
  • Quick, efficient responses to calls logged are our hallmark.
  • Your SAP systems are not isolated. Hardware, Software, Network and other dependencies are all factored into the overall planning model.
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