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Established in April 2007, BTEC provides premium SAP Technical, Authorisations and Solution Manager Consulting and support services. Since inception, we have grown our business model, both in terms of our team and processes. Our agile approach to delivery however remains. It is a key ingredient in our quick, efficient and reliable service excellence model.


Our current customer base stretches country-wide. Additionally, we also offer training and consulting services internationally. India, Saudi Arabia and Zimbabwe are some of the places which we’ve taken our business to. We are proud to support a large, growing and diverse range of customers.

Designed by SAP. Built & Supported by BTEC
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What sets us apart:

  • Our "Big Picture" mindset enables us to wholly understand, and manage your Technical ERP model.
  • All BTEC team members are SAP certified.
  • We apply the PMBOK methodology in all that we do.
  • Quick, efficient responses to calls logged are our hallmark.
  • Your SAP systems are not isolated. Hardware, Software, Network and other dependencies are all factored into the overall planning model.
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