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BTEC was started in April 2007 with the idea of providing SAP Technical Consulting to the greater Kwa-Zulu Natal region. Since then the business model, service offerings and skilled in-house resources has grown formidably. Additionally, BTEC has key alliances and relationships with other SAP contracting houses. This synergy allows for customers to leverage off a consortium of SAP skills in all key areas, be it Technical, Functional or ABAP.

BTEC’s current customers are spread across the country. Over and above this, we offer contracting and lecture led training services locally and internationally. Specifically, our team has undertaken work in Zimbabwe, Saudi Arabia and India. We currently support and engage with a diverse range of customers, and are growing this area of the business.

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At the core, we are SAP Technical experts. What we do differently (we believe) though is:
- We have a big picture mindset, understanding how the overall ERP model works, where the pieces fit together, and what it takes for a project to be successful from a Technical perspective.

- Our team all have an IT background, having come through the ranks of some or all of these areas i.e. end user support, Networking, DB administration etc. This evolution allows us to engage with your different IT teams at a level that we understand and can relate to first hand. To note and understand is that your SAP systems are not living in isolation, there are hardware, network and other dependencies that affect your systems. We factor in all of the variables, and work accordingly.

- In everything that we do, we apply the PMBOK approach, be it support, project, or any other piece of work.

- Unlike many other consulting houses, we do not take just any resource to satisfy a requirement. We have built and developed our own in house core team, who is highly trained, motivated and results driven.

Going forward, BTEC intends to grow further both internally and from a customer base perspective. Maintaining and improving our skills ensures we are always abreast and experienced in current technologies. As always our core to deliver the best possible service to you the customer is at the center of all that we do.