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The 10 Commandments of SAP Basis

The SAP Basis space has several considerations, which are either largely misunderstood, or not properly factored into the overall planning and delivery. At BTEC, we advocate strongly for customers to ensure that all of these considerations are clearly understood, addressed, and catered for. Any deficiency in any one, or more, area(s) will negatively affect the SAP systems in some way or the other.

To note and clearly understand is that SAP Systems do not live in isolation on a customer environment. Hardware, the Networking backbone, Security, resources etc.… are common across the SAP landscape(s), and other file, application and DB server’s.

With that said, BTEC has formulated the 10 commandments of SAP Basis, which essentially cover all aspects of the Basis module. With our in-house team having in excess of 100 years of combined experience, the best Basis minds worked harmoniously in building this model, which aligns as best as possible to SAP’s recommendations and best practices approach.

Commandment 1


AND WHO SHALL COMETH FORTH TO BEAR THE LOAD… For any SAP project, or existing landscape(s), the correct Basis team, with the correct level of knowledge and experience must be on board and available, ensuring timeous efficient delivery. Ownership and accountability issues must be clearly defined with no ambiguity or room for error

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Commandment 2


THOU SHALT CONNECT SUCCESSFULLY… The Networking backbone and topology must cater for an acceptable delivery to the end users of the SAP systems. Sufficient redundancy must be in place allowing for the availability of the SAP systems, specifically Production.

Commandment 3


THOU SHALT NOT WASTE, NOR SHALT THOU WANT FOR MORE… The balance between buying excessive “kit”, and buying insufficient hardware, must be managed carefully. The Basis expert(s) must offer input, together with the hardware partner, into finding that ideal middle ground.


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Commandment 4

Installations and Configuration

A SOLID LANDSCAPE SHALT THOU BUILD… Planning and design layout i.e. system names, numbers, etc…. Memory settings, who will build the systems etc…

Commandment 5


THOU SHALT ADMINISTER EFFECTIVELY… The who, how, what and when factors are analyzed.

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Commandment 6

Backup / DRP

SECURE YOUR DATA AND TESTETH THIS FOREVER… A well formulated, tested and documented plan must be available based on business requirements in terms of acceptable downtime, as well as an acceptable window in which to recover.

Commandment 7

PFCG / Authorisations

ENTER NOT WHERE THOU ARE FORBIDDEN… Although this is not an SAP Basis task per say, the Basis team must engage with the Authorisations team to ensure the concept is defined, understood, documented and tested.

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Commandment 8

End User connectivity

COMETH INTO THE LIGHT OF SAP AND REAP OF THAT WHICH IS GOOD… The Basis team assists the IT team to understand tasks like the roll-out of the SAPGUI, and how best to achieve this. In many instances, some knowledge transfer mechanism is effected, ensuring the IT team is not estranged from the Basis team.

Commandment 9


AND PROPAGATE UNTO ALL OF WHICH IS WRITTEN… Printing is a critical component of any SAP project. This has to be planned and rolled out carefully factoring in local and network printing, printer compliancy etc.…

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Commandment 10

Upgrading / Patching

LET NOT YOUR COMMITMENT WANE NOR AGE… For customers to best leverage off current functionality, ensure optimum support from SAP, and apply latest fixes, the SAP systems must be kept current. The systems should be patched or upgraded at least once in a 12-month cycle, this would include the Database, O.S and also the SAP Kernel. A defined maintenance window should also be negotiated on an ongoing basis. Here again as with everything else in the SAP world, careful planning and understanding ensures successful delivery.

The 10 commandments of SAP Basis are the brainchild of BTEC. These commandments allow for, and ensure that there are no gaps in the SAP technical delivery space. This approach has been tried and tested on a multitude of projects, with great success. We welcome further engagement in this regard, and are always open to fresh ideas and opinions.

By A.E. Kathrada