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Team BTEC boasts a holistic understanding of your SAP environment(s).

The “big picture”, mindset approach that we take, ensures our sound understanding of how your critical IT components work together. This ensures effective delivery of SAP services to your business.
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Pro-active, efficient, professional, customer centric…
Are some of the words that best describe us, and our approach. Our customers gladly testify to our efficient, quick, and effective problem solving skills. As always, small or large tasks are managed in an effective project managed approach.


All things considered, why should you outsource your SAP systems support to BTEC?
• You get 24x7 access to a highly skilled team.
• Your SAP systems are fully monitored.
• Our team manages all audit-compliant documentation.
• Delivery of your projects are efficiently ensured.
• You avoid the hassles that come with FTE’s.
• You save money!  

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SAP Technical

Formerly known as Basis, SAP Technical was rebranded as such with the evolution from SAP R/3 to SAP NetWeaver. It entails, amongst others, the building, patching, troubleshooting, performance tuning, migrating and maintenance of your SAP systems. We understand the critical nature of these systems, and we further understand the importance of maintaining stability in this regard.

That said, we NEVER marginalize on any of our technical deliverables.


SAP Authorisations

Our approach to Security might well be seen by others as extreme, however, we believe in properly securing all areas of your SAP landscape(s), which could potentially expose you to risk. A comprehensive security policy is the starting point of a well maintained Authorisations concept. Allow us to tell you how it’s done.

Our Authorisations expertise incorporates:
• Sound business knowledge.
• Experience across a spectrum of SAP projects.
• Security from an SAP, and general IT perspective.

We will deliver the following:
• Planning, design, build and test scenarios, which is an SAP proven success mechanism.
• Management of the Security function from start to completion.
• Process management from a Security perspective.
• Detailed documentation for you the customer to better manage your environment.
• Knowledge transfer to you the customer, empowering you into the future.


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Engage with us regarding customising a Technical or Authorisations course which is a tailor made fit to your requirements.

We understand the complexity of being away from your office for an extended period of time, and can accordingly design a package to suit your specific requirements. BTEC has successfully designed and delivered training to a range of blue chip organizations.