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We are seriously passionate about what we do. Really speaking, we strive everyday to be the best consultants in the SAP industry. Some say the days of great thinkers are gone. The likes of Einstein, Aristotle, Nostradamus, Socrates etc… are no more. Absolutely agreed, however, those who say that have not met us …. yet. Relative to these great thinkers, fields of expertise, we strive to be like these noble great thinkers of yesteryear, but, in the context of SAP.

When running a mammoth solution like SAP, aligning with the right resources who are serious about delivery is an absolute requirement. Serious about delivery is not only about pretty pictures and ‘wowing’ presentations, but also, and probably more importantly, is aligning with, and building, a team of great consultants who understand your requirements and collaborate with you in a manner that allows them to best guide you. So really speaking we are a team of highly skilled, highly experienced, passionate consultants who are capable of not only talking the talk but walking the proverbial walk. Come to think of it, we rarely walk, we usually hit the ground running and never stop. Ask around, you will be impressed.

Established in 2007

The ERP world was on a whirl wind turbo charged roller-coaster. Buzz words and phrases like collaboration and seamless integration, global village trading and end-to-end process design and realisation were the order for the day. To remediate the overstay of Legacy based antiquated systems, as well as a spaghetti box of dozens of systems all satisfying tunnel vision requirements of businesses, customers realised the requirement of moving onto a world-class, all-encompassing ERP platform was not a luxury anymore, but an absolute requirement if they wanted to stay in business.

With this rush of customers to remediate and rectify their IT landscapes, consulting companies were strained to provide sufficient skills resources. In a world were revenue and bottom line is what it is all about, IT companies satisfied these requirements by ensuring there was a butt in a chair, but, and this is a big but, whether requirement, was off little concern. As long as the money train sped on, it was all that mattered. Sadly, that trend continues till today, and will probably continue till the end of days.

So, with all of the above said, BTEC was started and formed to achieve success based on a few criteria. I guess our mission statement sums it up quite well.

“To be the best SAP consulting house, providing the best of breed resources and skills at highly competitive pricing.”

Since day one, we have been living this in every sense. Our moral compass always points due north, and we will never deviate. Ask around, we not only assure you, but absolutely guarantee that you will be impressed.

Our Values

The fundamental beliefs upon which our business is based on are; honesty, integrity, respect, professionalism and solid product knowledge. Additionally, we offer exceptional service, taking pride in all that we do.

Despite our progressive growth over the last 17 years, our culture and delivery style remains the same as it did from inception. This is a key factor in defining who we are, and this will not change. Our handpicked team all contribute and buy into this culture. A company after all, is nothing without it’s people.

Our Approach

We approach any piece of work with a collective mindset, making 100% sure that we always score the goal. When executing, our driving forces are methodical planning, detailed documentation, thorough investigation, agility and efficiency. The result of this structured approach is effective delivery.

Simply put, we plan, execute and deliver, always aligning to the PMBOK strategy.

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Engagement with the right people is pivotal to the success of your business.

Let us maximize your SAP experience.

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