Considerations for your SAP S/4HANA Journey

The minimum ECC6 level you must be on is EHP7, and the system must be Unicode based.


If you are opting for a cloud based solution, have you crossed all the T’s and dotted all the I’s.


Have both the brown and green field options been carefully considered?


How will the change be transitioned with minimum disruption and maximum buy in.


Is there a clear understanding of the overall solution?


From a BTEC viewpoint we have several S/4 projects under our belt and can assist and guide you as required in terms of strategy, planning, sequence of events, pro’s and con’s of the multiple options you have available.

Additionally we will help you to plan and plot the way forward. With experience comes a vast knowledge base which allows us to assist you during all phases of your project.


The S/4HANA Journey Has Six Key Phases:



Get familiar with SAP S/4HANA



• Set up project team
• Plan the project
• Enable stakeholders



• Define training strategy
• Prepare conversation
• Readiness check
• Custom code analysis
• Define technical setup & architecture
• Start on sandbox



• Implement functional changes
• Adjust impacted custom code
• Unit test
• Implement & adjust integration
• Continued work on technical setup & architecture
• Prepare end-user training



• End-user training
• Execute testing
• Conversation dress rehearsal
• Finalize technical setup & architecture
• Go-Live
• Hypercare



• Establish safe & efficient operations
• Plan for further innovations


Prior to starting with the Discover phase, it is recommended to complete the ECC Readiness as early as possible.

Activities of the Readiness phase

• Creation of an overall company strategy on digital transformation / strategic planning.

• Become familiar with SAP S/4HANA in general e.g. new simplified functionality in S/4HANA & new User interface based on Fiori.
- A trial system in the cloud could support this and be available for demo presentations to business.

• A comprehensive implementation scenario should be created.
- The Readiness check will assist with this step.

The outcome of the ECC readiness will enable you to build your business case for the S/4HANA Implementation project.

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